Earmold Colors

Great Lakes Earmold Laboratory can produce many colorful styles in a wide variety of molds.

The following are just some of the colors and styles we can create.  To view more colors, please visit our Facebook photo gallery.

Custom Colors

Lucite Standard Colors

Lucite Disappear Colors

Lucite Solid Colors

Lucite Glitter Colors

Lucite Canal Additives

Ultra Soft Standard Colors

Ultra Soft Disappear Colors

Ultra Soft Solid Colors

Ultra Soft Glitter Colors

Satin Soft Standard Colors

Satin Soft Disappear Colors

Satin Soft Solid Colors

Satin Soft Marble Colors

TFC Standard Colors

TFC Disappear Colors

TFC Solid Colors

TFC Glitter Colors

TFC Multi-Flecks Colors

TFC Glow in the Dark Colors

TFC Metallic Colors

Standard Silicone Standard Colors


Better Earmolds is Our Mission

We are the Custom Earpiece Specialists.



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