Sound Plugs

The Comfort Ear Plug

The Comfort Ear is a custom molded plug made to fit each individual ear. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time without discomfort. The Comfort Ear was developed to attenuate or reduce harmful or bothersome environmental sound.

  • Available in canal, half shell, and full concha styles
  • Available in Satin Soft or TFC material
  • Standard removal handles
  • Optional cords
  • Optional right and left indicators
  • Average attenuation of 32 dB
  • NRR rating of 29
  • For use by factory workers, farmers, carpenters, equipment operators, motorcyclists, machinists, printers, etc.  Anyone working in a noisy environment can benefit from the Comfort Ear, even someone who needs a good night sleep from someone who snores!

Musician’s Plugs

Musician’s filtered custom earplugs have a flat response, allowing music and speech to be heard clearly, but not as loud.

  • 3 levels of sound reduction: 9 dB, 15 dB, or 25 dB filter
    • ER-9 provides flat 9 dB sound reduction through the mid-range and 5 dB in the highs
    • ER-15 provides a uniform 15 dB sound reduction across frequencies
    • ER-25 provides a 25 dB essentially flat sound reduction across frequencies
  • Available in Satin Soft or Silicone material
  • Standard CIC handles
  • Optional cords if space allows
  • Filters are available in clear, beige, red, and blue
  • For use by musicians, dentists, disc jockeys, airline pilots, sound crews, truck drivers, NFL football players, band teachers, traders, construction workers, recording engineers, people with tinnitus, spectators at sporting events or concerts, and individuals with sensitivity to loud sounds.

Hocks Noise Breakers®

The Hocks Noise Braker® is the most effective custom, non-amplified hearing protection for hunters and shooters. When the earplugs are inserted they allow the individual to hear instructions from the firing line and/or conversation. When sound levels reach 80 dB and over, such as a gunshot, the sound is filtered through the Hocks Noise Braker® not allowing the dangerous sound levels to enter the ear canal. The filter reduces all sounds to approximately speech level.

  • Available in a full concha or 1/2 shell styles
  • Available in Satin Soft of TFC material
  • Standard removal handles
  • Optional cords
  • Optional right and left indicators
  • Allows sound to enter up to 80 dB. When the sound pressure level is beyond 80 dB it is filtered through the Hocks Noise Breaker passive filtering element. When filtered the plugs will allow a reduction of about 32 dB.
  • Perfect for use by shooters, gun clubs, race car drivers, airlines, motorized sports, workers in factories, fire and police work, at loud sports and events, at concerts and much more!

Electronic Shooter’s Plugs


Our electronic shooter’s plugs are designed for hunters to have an edge on their prey or for those that may have hearing loss.


Electronic shooter’s plugs allow the user to adjust sound levels with a volume control to hear, but when a shot is fired the sound is compressed electronically blocking out the harmful sounds to your ears.  Once the shot has dissipated, you can hear normally.  In the plug mode, the shooter’s plugs have an average attnuation of 32 dB

Electronic shooter’s plugs can be made of hard plastic or soft silicone.  The softer material will seal better and block more sound when either product is in the solid earplug mode.  The electronics attached to the plug are available in linear or digital models.  the linear model when turned full on has a gain of 17 dB.  On the digital model, the volume can be programmed to whatever volume the individual desires or requires.  The digital model can have up to four programs.  The programs can be set for other environmental sounds or an actual hearing aid.

  • MPO – 16
  • Compression 2:1
  • TK – 60 dB
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Programmable memory settings
  • 1 Year Warranty

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