Guarantee and Remake Policy

All custom molds are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase. All molds are guaranteed for fit and feedback for 3 months from the date of purchase. Old molds must be returned with request for remakes, unless authorized by Great Lakes.

A remake is free when:

  1. A mold breaks or cracks due to manufacturer defects from normal use with one year (mold must be returned for inspection). 
  2. A mold causes discomfort with 90 days of purchase. 
  3. A mold allows feedback within 90 days of purchase. 
  4. A mold is lost (undelivered) in the mail to the hearing aid dispenser. 
  5. A child under 1 year old experiences growth (limited to no more than 2 remakes in a 90-day period from the original date of purchase).

A remake is not free; a full charge will be made when:

  1. Feedback or pain occurs after 90 days. 
  2. The mold is over one year old. 
  3. The hearing aid dispenser is changing the fitting to the other ear. 
  4. The hearing aid dispenser is changing the hearing aid and requires a new style. 
  5. The hearing aid dispenser sends incomplete or inaccurate information. 
  6. A mold in transit is reordered before the 7-day waiting period. 
  7. Your client loses their mold or damages their mold. 
  8. A mold is remade off an old mold. 
  9. Tracking information shows delivered, but the mold cannot be found.

A remake is not free; a nominal charge will be made when:

  1. The hearing aid dispenser ruins the mold in trying to modify it. 
  2. The hearing aid dispenser changes style, material, acoustic modifications, venting, requested canal length, helix, or color. 
  3. Returning the earmold for a simple adjustment could avoid a remake.
  • We do not return custom molds for credit

Remake Procedures

When requesting a remake please include: 

  1. New impression(s) if applicable.   
  2. An explanation of the reason for the remake. 
  3. The date or serial # of the original order. 
  4. The old molds(s)

Each ear impression is carefully prepared before casting, therefore the importance of a good ear impression and the most information obtained will ensure you of the most accurate earpiece.

Please fill out the order form completely! Missing information may delay your order, or cause orders to be processed incorrectly. We cannot stress enough the importance of an audiogram/hearing loss, please be sure to fill it out. If we see a discrepancy with your order, we will notify you. However, due to the large volume of orders that we receive, we cannot call on every slight discrepancy. For example, if you do not check off a specific box you will be sent standard options such as a clear earmold, no vent (if audiogram is not included), standard bore, and appropriate tubing. Please be sure to review your order before sending it, and make sure that all information is accurate and complete.

We reserve the right to make slight changes on orders without notification. For example, locking tubing is checked off for a material that doesn’t accommodate it. Also, we will always try to install parallel vents, however if canal space doesn’t allow for it a diagonal vent will be installed.

We keep impressions on file for 3 years. Please note that impressions for all mold styles, other than full styles, are cut down to the size requested, unless the “keep impression(s) full” box is checked off on the order form.

When requesting more than one set of molds or plugs we only need one set of impressions, however for each additional set ordered it will take an extra 1-2 business days to complete.

Shipping information

Our work begins immediately upon receipt of your impression(s), and most custom earpieces are shipped out the same day that they are received or within 1-2 business days.

All custom earpieces are shipped via first-class mail at our current rate. Every product we ship has tracking capability. We are not responsible for shipping delays by the shipping carrier. If rush delivery is needed, please select the appropriate special delivery box on the order form.

Any earmolds shipped to us via special delivery (any service other than 1st class mail) will be shipped back to you via first-class mail unless otherwise requested. We cannot ship 2nd day or overnight to a P.O. Box.

Remakes: We do not pay postage for remakes if the order is being changed in any way and if the original mold is not returned to us with the request for the remake.

Shipping supplies: We provide postage paid shipping supplies to send in your impressions. Please be sure to write down the tracking # off your label when sending in packages. We can also email labels if needed.

Special delivery: We utilize UPS and USPS Priority Mail for special delivery service at an added cost. We can provide pre-printed labels to you for sending in your earmold impressions.

Ship to client: All molds requested ship to client are shipped via first-class mail, unless indicated otherwise. There are no added costs to ship to your client 1st class mail.

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